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Sell and Rent Back

You may be facing difficult decisions and wanting to raise cash back on your home for a variety of reasons but not really wanting to leave your home where you are settled and comfortable. There is a way forward.

 Our Solution

One of our associated investors may be willing to buy your house from you therefore releasing the equity which you can then spend in any way that you like. They will rent it back to you at a fair market rate. It is also possible that the rent could be less than the present mortgage therefore reducing your outgoing living expenses and leaving more money in your pocket. It may be possible to offer you a buy back option so that you can repurchase your home when your financial position improves. Rent and buy-backs are very useful for paying off mortgage arrears and stopping repossession orders. They are also useful for raising capital to help your children through college or some other unexpected situation that arises. We will discuss your situation with you and present the options available in a fair and honest way. Your friends and neighbours will not know anything about it and you can carry on in your home as normal. Rents will be at fair mortgage rates.

The availability of Sell and Rent back is dependant upon the laws of the country in which the property is situated. In the UK the Sale and Rent Back (SRB) industry is now regulated by the Financial Services Authority since 1st July 2009. Other states are known to be considering similar legislation or already have restrictions.

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