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Mortgage/Loan Arrears

Your mortgage is essentially a loan secured on your home. If you fall behind with the payments, then itís most likely that your lender will ask you to try to make an arrangement to keep up with your current payments and pay something off the arrears.

Many people find it hard to deal with this situation, especially if unemployment or short time working has had a drastic effect on your earnings and avoid talking to their lender. This is a mistake as the problem will not go away.

Whether you talk to bank managers, financial advisers, mortgage brokers, or debt councillors read the mortgage contracts, the information is always the same. If we donít pay our mortgage on time and in full, then we put our homes at risk. It may not seem important to miss a couple of payments, but it is. With people now able to borrow up to five times their salary, finances are stretched thin. When interest rates go up, then itís difficult to meet financial commitments. Thatís why there are more and more repossessions.

If negotiations with your lender break down, or there is no way that you can pay your mortgage, then sooner than later they will apply the county court for a possession order.

Our Solution

Even now, you can stop repossession with a quick house sale. If you are wondering how to stop repossession, then all you need to know is that you can stop repossession with a quick house sale to one of our associated investors.

Contact us now by filling in our online application form and one of our consultants will contact you as soon as possible, usually within 24 hours, to discuss the options available to you dependant upon your personal circumstances. Once we find you a buyer amongst our associate investors we can arrange to exchange contracts as soon as possible and then apply to the court to suspend any further action in order to complete the transaction.

Apply to enter your property now as it will not cost you anything

Nothing to lose Nothing to pay.

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