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At times we get requests to look at solutions that do not fit into any of the other categories in this list. Maybe you have some land you wish to sell off, or complicated personal or business circumstances that need creative solutions. Maybe there is not enough equity in the property to take a cash sale discount. Maybe you want full market value but are in no hurry to receive the money because you have moved in with your new partner or abroad to retire or live in your villa that is already paid for.


Our Solution

Whatever your needs we will do our utmost to come up with a solution to your needs in a confidential, honest and fair way. We have multiple solutions to help vendors with their situations including those where selling for cash is neither preferable nor possible. One of these is a Lease Option which enables one of our associates to offer to buy at today’s full market value. Click here to learn all about LEASE OPTIONS. It can be adapted to be used in most countries but not in countries that restrict sub letting.  

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