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How It Works

Selling your house to Speedy Property Buyers is simple and stress free.

Step 1 Fill in the on-line form which only takes a few minutes. Before you do so, please ensure that you really want to sell quickly and that you are willing to sell at a discount. Selling at full price through traditional methods will incur significant costís which will be deducted from your sale price. For examples of these costís please Click here.

Step 2 Our consultant will contact you as soon as possible within 24-48 hours to discuss your situation and how we can be of assistance. We will suggest the most suitable option to suit your individual needs and to achieve this we may have to ask you some questions of a personal financial nature which will be kept highly confidential. We will then advise you on the price that in our considerable experience would make your property attractive enough for an investor/cash buyer to consider buying it quickly, without visiting your house. In the current financial climate  this could typically be 70% to 75% of Market value subject to a valuation. This will be subject to a valuation by a   surveyor on  behalf of the buyer dependant upon the laws and systems of the country where the property is situated. This will be arranged with you at a mutually convenient time.

Step 3 If you accept our offer and wish to proceed, your property will hopefully be bought by one of our associateís and you will be provided with his/her contact details. Dependant upon which country we may contact one of our specialist team of solicitors to represent our associate and we may also nominate a different specialist solicitor to represent you at no cost to you. They will contact each other and start the sales and purchase process. The fees of your nominated solicitor will be paid by the buyer up to the sum of 500 EUR which is sufficient in the majority of cases. If you wish to use your own solicitor then you will have to be prepared to pay for his services. Please be warned that some specialist lenders to investors will only agree to use nominated solicitors as it is a very complex and specialist area and different from the normal solicitors conveyance, however be warned that the prospect of a successful sale could be jeopardised if the buyers lender does not agree to the use of your own solicitor. An appointed surveyor will contact you direct to survey and confirm the value your house FREE on behalf of the buyer at no cost to you.

Step 4 The buyer will then get on with achieving a hassle and stress free sale. We will  keep you well informed along the way. The buyer work to a time frame to suit you and finalise at the date chosen by you. There will be no pressure for you to complete any quicker than you want to so that you can stop in your home until you are ready. The legal process usually takes 4/5 weeks on average but can be longer in some countries. However you have the piece of mind that the house has been sold. No broken chain, No constant renegotiating and No continuing mortgage payments on your current property.

Note: If you are being repossessed we will have to act quickly and instruct our solicitor to obtain a delay or even to stop the repossession by paying the arrears into the court. To do this we will urgently need all the information from you. Do not leave it until it is to late as it will not go away without urgent action.

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Calculate your Quick Property Sale CASH OFFER