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Financial Difficulties

Are you struggling to make ends meet or make your money last until the end of the month?

  • Have you lost your overtime that you previously relied upon?

  • Have you been put onto short time working?

  • Have you lost your job?

  • Has your employer closed down?

  • Is your spouse or partner no longer working?

  • Have you been off work through sickness or ill health which has caused your financial problems and now they have grown out of proportion?

  • Are you out of work in a foreign country so now need to return to your homeland to get back into work?

  • Are you living abroad on a pension and now the exchange rate is so bad that you can not afford to stop there?

You need to take a close look at your outgoings so to downsize your property maybe one of the answers.

Stop slipping further into debt by raising the money to pay off your loan/mortgage, credit cards, outstanding bills and put a stop to ever mounting interest with a quick sale of your property.

 Our Solution

We will assess your situation and give you our opinion of the value your property after we have conducted research, free of charge. We will then put forward a range of options which meet your requirements including the amount you will need to get out of debt or stop the repossession of your home.

If you require it we will also create a plan that will allow you to stop in your home by renting it back and no other person will be aware of what has happened. Rent schemes at fair market rents and an option to buy your home back when your financial situation improves can be included if you so desire or you can just sell and move on.

Our associated investors and cash buyers will buy your property quickly at Below Market value in most countries and areas. As it is a cash sale there will be no waiting for your buyer to sell his/her property and a quick sale will ensure that the interest and costs being put on by your lender are stopped in their tracks without delay.

Apply to enter your property now as it will not cost you anything

Nothing to lose Nothing to pay.

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