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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: In what countries and areas do you buy properties?

We will consider making offers for properties throughout the Europe. In addition to our own requirements we have an extensive network of associates who are experienced property investors, buyers and are familiar with, and require properties in all countries and your local areas. Additionally on behalf of our investors we will consider properties and land worldwide.

Q: What type of properties do you buy?

Through our large network of associates, all of whom have different requirements, we will consider any type of property or land. This can be residential, commercial or industrial property and land for development. It can also be new build. The only criteria in all cases are that it must be Below Market Value and its current value must be provable.

Q: I have a repossession pending can you help?

Yes we can help, but we need to act as quickly as possible to find you a buyer amongst our associates. As soon as this is done and the price agreed the buyer can instruct his/her legal team to act fast to get the repossession stopped or deferred in order to buy the property and repay your lenders. You will then be paid any surplus that is left over.

Q: Why should I take below market value?

If you need to sell quickly for some reason, you can actually make savings against the alternative of taking a long time to sell and the escalating costs that can result dependant upon your situation. Click here for an illustration of costs and savings.

Q: What do you mean by true market value?

True market value is the price that the property will actually sell for. It can be linked to the actual price that identical properties have recently sold for in your street or local area. Some estate agents put a higher price on the property than what it will actually sell for to ensure that they get the business. Either it does not sell or they expect you to reduce it to a lower price that is more acceptable to prospective buyers. It is important to note that there can be a big difference between asking prices and the actual price that the property was sold for. As all sold prices are recorded it is important to get the approximate valuation right as the buyer will do the necessary searches at the Land Registry or other body (dependant upon which country the property is situated in) to ensure that he/she is buying at the correct discounted rate, and to over state the price will soon be discovered.

Q: How much would you offer me?

In the current downward market where mortgages and loans are being restricted, it will typically be 70% to 75%* of true market value. * Please note that this figure will be frequently revised according to current market fluctuations.

Q: Would I achieve the full market price through an estate agent?

It is possible but doubtful as the majority of buyers will make you an offer and expect you to take much less, probably as much as 10%. Remember there are a lot of costs that will be deducted if sold through a Real Estate Agency. Click here for a comparison of costs.

Q: How much would I retain after an Real Estate Agency sale?

You will have a considerable amount of costs and legal fees deducted from the sale, plus ongoing costs the longer that the sale takes. Click here to see table of cost comparisons.

Q: My property is listed with a Real Estate Agent, will I have to pay his fee?

This depends on if you have signed a sole agreement and if so for what period of time. You will need to read your contract and check the cancellation terms. Some but not all Real Estate Agents have an exclusive period built into their contracts. As the Real Estate Agent has not introduced us to you as a buyer he should not charge you his fee but you need to check this first. Once the initial exclusive period has expired you can usually leave it on with the agent but cancel at any time without incurring charges.

Q: What fee do you charge?

No Fee as we are paid by the investors for locating properties.

Q: What costs would I incur selling to you?

No cost as we pay your solicitors legal costs subject to you agreeing to use a solicitor nominated by us or your buyer, as this is frequently a condition imposed by the buyer’s lender. If you are asked to nominate your own solicitor, then the buyer will pay up to 500 EUR towards his fees. Our associate who is buying your property will also pay for the price of the valuation.

Q: Do I have to accept your offer straight away?

The offer will be valid for 30 days. However if you decide after 30 days you can come back to us and maybe we can go with it or we may need to re-evaluate our research to make a further up to date offer due to any changes in the local property market.

Q: How long does the process take?

Due to the legal processes that the buyer has to go through and dependant upon the legal process in the country that the property is located in, this can vary significantly but it typically takes four to five weeks in most countries except in unusual situations.

Q: How do I find out if you can help me?

By filling in our on-line application form, and then speaking on the telephone with one of our specialist consultants click here

Q: My mortgage/loan payments are in arrears, can you help me?

Yes if we can agree a price then we can consider paying off the arrears subject to the signing of a document that secures the sale. As each situation is different we will have to look at this individually. In any case the mortgage/loan will be paid off at completion by your solicitor before he sends the funds received on to you.

Q: Do you purchase all the properties that are offered yourselves or do you pass some on?

In the past we have bought some ourselves to build up our own existing property portfolio, however we are part of a group of specialist companies who find Below Market Value properties and market them to an extensive number of associates and investors who are experienced property buyers covering the whole of Europe. In addition we also market properties in other areas of the world.

Q: How quickly will I get the money?

Paid to your solicitor at completion. Typically it takes 4/5 weeks from agreeing the sale.

Q: Do I need a solicitor?

Yes, a solicitor will be required to handle the legal process. We will allow you up to 500€ for his costs.

Q: Can you recommend a solicitor for me?

Yes we can recommend one to act for you and in many cases we are required to nominate one from our panel of specialist solicitors as a condition required by some of the specialist lenders to investors. In this case we will pay his fees directly to him. The solicitor nominated to represent you will not be the same solicitor that is nominated to represent the buyer.

Q: I need to sell my house but would like to stop in it.

Yes, in most countries we can arrange for one of our associates to buy your home and rent it back to you as a condition of the sale at current local market rents. However in some counties this is now being regulated so each case will have to be considered separately dependant upon where it is situated.

Q: Will anyone else know we are selling or in financial difficulty?

No everything will be kept confidential between us. If you are renting back, then none of your friends or neighbours will ever know that the house has been sold.

Q: Does the property have to be in good condition?

We will consider properties in any condition, however if it is in poor condition it could effect the price offered to you.

Q: Do you buy properties in any condition?

Yes. From half built unfinished projects to run down and dilapidated properties anything will be considered.

Q: Do you buy tenanted properties?

Yes subject to a valid shorthold tenancy agreement being in place, and that the current rents charged are high enough to cover a lenders rental coverage criteria.

Q: Do you buy investment properties?


Q: My property has development potential, can I benefit from this?

Yes we will be interested in anything with development potential. If you have already obtained planning approval, then this will increase the value of your property.

Q: Do you carry out a survey?

Yes all purchases will be visited by a qualified surveyor to value the property. Offers will be subject to the satisfactory result of this.

Q: I'm in no rush to sell so should I contact you now or later?

Contact us now and if you accept our offer you can remain in your home for a time and buy your new home for cash at a considerable discount. However if it is longer than 30 days after the price was agreed we reserve the right to re-negotiate if there have been changes in local market values.

Q: Why do you refer to yourselves as cash buyers?

Because the finance is already available to the investor so he/she does not have to wait months to obtain loans and mortgages. The investor does not have a house to sell before he can buy which is the major cause of delays with a normal sale. We can agree a sale and proceed immediately.

Q: What if my flat has only a short lease remaining?

We will still consider it, but we may need to see evidence of the length of the remaining period. It may also be possible to request the Freeholder to extend the length of the leasehold which will help to increase the price obtained.

Q: Do you offer incentives for recommendations?

Yes if you put us in contact with another person who needs to sell and that results in completion we will pay a commission. Click here for details of our affiliates program.

Q: How can I sell if my ex partner has an interest?

To affect a sale both parties must be in agreement otherwise a sale can not go ahead.

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