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Chain Breaking

Are you locked in a housing chain? Housing chains are uncertain and unpredictable. They can break down at any time, even when not expected. They leave you unsure of when you can move or if it is ever going to happen. You can also lose the buyer of your home as you are unable to move on and he/she may find some other property with no chain.


Our Solution

We can remove the stress and worry of the housing chain by finding you a cash buyer from amongst our registered associated investors making you an offer that is guaranteed. You can use this as soon as you have agreed a sale with the prospective buyer and break the chain or use it as a back up in case your present chain does indeed break down, therefore putting you in effective control of the situation.

We will arrange for one of our associated investors or cash buyers to purchase your property and they will exchange contracts as soon as it is practicable to do so. You should then be in a position to negotiate a cash discount on your next property therefore recouping some of the discount you have had to give to the cash buyer.

Remember that all the time you are stuck in a housing chain your costs and interest are mounting so take a cash offer now could be the answer to your problems. 

Apply to enter your property now as it will not cost you anything

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